Skin Care Part I

Is day-to-day mental stress taking a toll on your skin? Take our quiz to find out if you have a Vata-related skin imbalance. Give yourself one point for never or seldom, two for sometimes and three for often or always.

Does your skin lack glow and natural radiance?
Does your skin look and feel dry even just after you rinse with lots of water?
Does your skin look thin and loose?
Is your skin flaky?
Does your skin feel cold to the touch?
Is your brow constantly knit?
Do you see more wrinkles and fine lines than there were a month ago?
Do relaxing treatments make you feel temporarily better?

If your score added up to twelve points or higher, your skin may benefit and look younger longer if you keep Vata in balance.

Follow a Vata pacifying diet:

Eat plenty of fresh juicy fruits to restore moisture balance from within. Oranges, grapes, cherries, peaches, melons, berries, plums, pineapples, mangos and papayas are examples of Vata-balancing fruits.
Vata Tea or Peace of Mind Tea are relaxing herbal beverages.
Eat cooked green leafy vegetables. Chop the greens before cooking and season them with Vata-balancing spices such as cumin and ginger or Vata Churna.
Include a little Ghee in your diet to provide lubrication and natural radiance.
Eat a handful of nuts each day - blanched almonds are considered excellent.

Follow a Vata-pacifying routine:

Go to bed by 10 p.m. and follow a regular sleep-wake routine so that you get enough good quality rest. . Take the Blissful Sleep-Vata herbal tablets to gently help you fall asleep.
Eat three regular meals a day, with lunch the heaviest meal.
Twenty minutes of Transcendental Meditation¨, twice a day, can help combat stress.
A daily warm oil massage balances both mind and body- Vata massage oil contains a blend of herbs to help balance Vata.
The Peace of Mind herbal tablets help balance Prana Vata, which controls the mind and the senses.
Make sure bowel movements are regular.
Pranayama (deep breathing exercises) and yoga asanas for deep relaxation can help balance Vata.

Ayurvedic skincare products that balance Vata:

Vata Skin Care cream