Ayurveda talks about a special class of herbs called medhya herbs — herbs especially useful for the mind. These herbs individually enhance learning, retention, and recall and also promote coordination among the three factors. They provide powerful nourishment for the brain.

On our special "Brain Health" webinar you will learn many tips and strategies to keep your brain functioning at an optimum level.

The speakers are Dr. Donn BrennanDr. Rajvinder Kaur, and Dr. Naheed Farooqui

Dr. Brennan's lecture is entitled "Preventing and Treating Alzheimer's"

Dr. Rajvinder will talk on"Food for the Brain"

Dr. Naheed will discuss "Ayurveda and the Brain"

Brain health webinar Testimonial

Bernie Rowen-Ross Psychotherapist and Counsellor

This seminar is honestly a “must watch” for every-one, it is a wonderfully clear explanation of how to care for the brain. The holistic preventative approach of Maharishi AyurVeda is such an easy approach to lifestyle changes. I always feel that the atmosphere, even over zoom of Ayurveda Ireland is loving and supportive. Join the next webinar, it’s worth it.